No One-Size-Fits-All Model



Center for Creative LeadershipTechnology is constantly changing and we need to stay ahead of the game before we get stuck behind. SAP Education creates solutions to help you stay on top of the change, offering you support 24/7 accessible anywhere at your fingertips. SAP Education offers a powerful learning management system.

As the use of an application evolves and best practices are formed, the ‘adopted’ training that may have been satisfactory when the system was implemented becomes less and less relevant.


A poor educated workforce increases support costs significantly. “Learning should be a process, not an event,”  Brian Washburn writes in an article, ‘Beyond the Classroom.” Training is left to the last minute and educating teams is not and never has been a one-time activity. As a result, ‘undereducated’ individuals leads to higher support costs which managers become reluctant to spend money on education that is insignificant.

The Center for Creative Leadership writes, “70% of learning comes from on the job interactions and experiences – the mistakes we make, the solutions we stumble upon and the lessons we take away from going about our daily routine.” However, it is clear to see that untrained users cost more to support than trained users. Not only that, it costs in terms of productivity and can also negatively impact customer service, revenue, and financial advantage.

Take it from Gartner who says, “Untrained or under trained desktop users will cost 5x more to support than a well trained worker.” Two increasing trends that are becoming more common is with the advancement of technology enables more people to be mobile and also dispersing them geographically allowing them more freedom to work remotely.


Each organization has their own specific requirements and each of them require a coherent, adaptable learning culture to remain productive. SAP Education can help reduce routine support demands maximizing the most capable resources to allow companies to grow and drive innovation.

User behaviour is the key to long term success and, “SAP Learning Hub is our award-winning cloud-based learning platform for Individuals and Enterprises. It is the platform in which SAP Education is building its future foundation.” SAP Education maximizes impact and offers a variety of tools at a minimum cost making your workforce highly effective.

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